Bible Reading 2021

Read the original

  • From the beginning of Genesis, until the book of Revelation, the daily reading volume is about three to four chapters.
  • This plan is suitable for those brothers and sisters who have perseverance and perseverance, who are determined to eat “dry food” and absorb nutrients directly from God’s words.
  • For details, see the 2021 Bible Reading Schedule.

Read overview

  • The author of “Bible One Year Pass” divided the core teachings in the Bible into 365 parts, allowing readers to grasp one of them every day.
  • The verses designated to be read every day do not exceed ten verses, and there is an explanation of 300 to 400 words, which provides a good explanation of the theological significance and application of those verses.
  • This plan is suitable for those brothers and sisters who have heavy daily tasks and cannot spare time to read the Bible in its entirety, but want to have a general understanding of the essence of the Bible.
  • Participants in this program need to purchase the book, 32.95 US dollars (students only need to pay 5 US dollars, the rest of the church subsidy)

Read Psalms Proverbs

  • There are two sets of learning materials: “Learning Psalms Step by Step” and “Learning Proverbs Step by Step”
  • Each set has 26 lessons, two sets of 52 lessons, just one lesson a week. Each lesson has scriptures, introductions, explanations, and exercises. It takes about 1.5 hours to complete a lesson. It takes an average of 12 minutes a day.
  • The brothers and sisters who participate in this project will have a different vision of God’s omnipotence and greatness in one year, and they will be full of wisdom and gratitude to God.
  • People with this plan need to purchase this set of books for US$68 (students only need to pay US$10 and the rest of the church subsidy)