English Classes

English Classes



初級英語班: 每週日 9:30am。適合英語零基礎的各個年齡階段的朋友們參加。

中級英語班:每週日 9:30am和週五晚5:30pm。適合有一定英語基礎的朋友們參加。

College Station Chinese Bible Church runs two English classes to meet the needs of different groups of people. All classes are taught by American teachers free of charge, with Chinese teachers translating and explaining. Teachers will teach English vocabulary, conversation, and grammar.

Beginner English Class: 9:00 am every Sunday. It is suitable for different ages friends who have yet to gain prior knowledge in English.

Intermediate English Class: 9:00 am every Sunday and 5:30 pm every Friday night.  It is suitable for friends who have a certain foundation in English.

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