English Classes

English Classes



初級英語班: 每週日 9:00am- 10:40am。適合英語零基礎的探親父母,中老年朋友,課間預備茶點方便大家分享交流。

美國文化口語班:每週日 9:30am- 11:00am。講課內容包括美國文化,時事新聞,風土人情,及答疑解惑等…適合有一定英語基礎並正在努力提高英語口語聽力的朋友。


College Station Chinese Bible Church runs three English classes to meet needs of different groups of people. All classes are taught by American teachers free of charge, with Chinese teachers translating and explaining.

Elementary English Class: 9:00am-10:40am every Sunday. It is suitable for visiting parents, middle-aged and elderly friends with no prior knowledge in English. Refreshments are available between classes to make the sharing and communication more convenient.

American Culture Conversational Class: 9:30am-11:00am every Sunday. The lectures include American culture, current affairs, local customs, and Q&A. This class is suitable for those who have some level of knowledge in English and are striving to improve their conversational and listening skills in English.

Advanced English Class: 6:40pm-7:45pm every Friday evening. An American Christian couple discuss the influence and change of Christianity on life based on the Bible. This class is suitable for friends who have a good foundation in English.

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